As this is a dual purpose vehicle, intended for comp safaris, trials, road use etc, conventional type shock absorbers have been used. Double shock mounts have been fitted to all four corners. The front shock mounts are postioned in a similar way to the shock mounts on the back axle with one in front and one behind the front axle. This makes changing springs and adding or removing shocks quick and easy. This is useful if trialling one day and comping the next. Both front and back axles have approx 2" extra travel.




Big bore shock absorbers have not been used because the most obvious place to mount them is directly on top of the axles and up through the springs. This makes changing the springs from comp to trials time consuming and awkward. Also they seem to lose sensitivity when triallling although they are very good for comp safaris.






The back axle has specially made springs to cope with the extra articulation, to give down force on the tyre when fully extended, and not restricting travel when fully collapsed. To help prevent the axles crashing into the chassis, hollow bump stops, can be fitted (using the same brackets) which act as a decelerator to soften the bump.To accommodate the new bump stops the front mounting plates on the chassis have been moved, and the bump plates on the axles have been enlarged.




The new type bump stops, because of their height, will, by a small margin limit articulation, but they are ideal for speed events. As the new bump stops take care of the heavy pounding it is possible to run on lighter springs. This will help to maintain traction by allowing the tyres to follow uneven and bumpy terrain. The suspension on this vehicle is very versatile and quick and easy to set up for your sport. As with any other part of this land rover, the suspension can be tailored to your needs and the type of motor sport in which you choose to participate.


roll cages