Interiors & Body Design




This land rover has been primarily made as a multi purpose off and on road vehicle suitable for comp safari, trials, general offroading and road use. If your requirements are for something more specific, such as a challenge truck, external body protection lifted suspension winches etc can be added. A modified land rover roof is used, with fabricated rear corner pillars. This is locatedby two bolts on the rear that bolt into the rear body capping, and two at the front which bolt into the top of the windscreen. Two high visibilty lights can be fitted in the roof for comps.


The rear tail gate hinges up and is easily removed by sliding it off its hinges. It is held up by a stay bar; which is far easier than gas struts when it comes to removal.The tail gate is full width between the pillars, which gives excellent loading access, and also incorporates a rear wash/wipe function.






Each side panel is located by three pegs at the bottom and two spring bolts at the top. These panels are made with an aluminium frame and panel, making them very light. Windows are optional; the land rover shown has tinted acrylic windows, as does the tail gate to help reduce weight. A nice feature of the upper body design is the options it gives you. For instance if its hot and sunny, removing the tail gate and side panels gives you plenty of fresh air whilst the roof still gives shade from the sun.




With the roof off, the road doors give some protection from the wind, or the half height doors can be fitted if this is not an issue. It takes about 10 minutes to strip down the land rover to this stage. All the doors have the same lift off hinges and door locks, so swapping the doors could not be easier. The road doors are one piece full height doors and have electric windows, the switches are dash mounted with electrical connectors by each door. These doors are quite heavy and are not recommended for serious off roading.




The half height doors are best for most off roading pursuits; they are strong and easily repairable. A pair of comp safari doors (not shown) are available, which are full height, have acrylic windows which do not open, but are very light due to their all aluminium construction.







Having the entire upper body removed is one of the best ways to enjoy off roading, giving you excellent all round vision, and of course, you have less body work to damage. The rear body has a 3mm thick aluminium extrusion, with welded and braced corners and is supported in four places by the rollcage. Aluminium box section is bolted to the side impact bars to help protect the body from tree rubbing.






The front wings are made in three parts; the wing top, from 2mm ally chequer plate which is folded down to give stength and rigidity, the front/corner section holds a bolt on light box and over laps the the third part of the wing,(you can just see the the over lap in the picture to the left).A steel tubular section behind the wings gives added strength to the whole assembly, and all the fixings are very accessible, which means the wings can be stripped down in minutes and repaired easily. The bumper is made from 3mm folded steel and is reinforced at the two ends by a brace back to the chassis, recessed spot lights are optional. The recovery point is attached to the chassis not just the bumper.



A lot of time has been spent developing the dash and interior lay out, which makes for a more comfortable driving environment off road and much more pleasurable on road (especially open topped). The ventilation unit has been built as part of the land rover, and has windscreen, foot and cabin (or all three together), directional control and a powerful fan. Air flow through the unit has been increased by careful design, resulting in a heater that is more than capable.





Dual illumination has been added to the switches as a aid to night driving. Radios etc can be fitted to your requirements. A choice of seats is available, the seats in this vehicle are second hand from a car with durable and easily cleaned leather (with the added bonus of being heated).They are ideal for mild off roading such as trials or greenlaning and perfect for the road. They are easily changed for competition seats with a harness for comp safaris etc.





A lot of effort has also gone into the development of a three bladed windscreen wiper system, uisng an arm and linkage system which gives a positive wipe and clears a much larger proportion of the screen rather than the inadequate wire rope method. A clear load space in the rear and other aspects of the design make this land rover much more than just a competition vehicle. If you are are interested in a similar model to the one shown. or purely off road vehicle with basic functionality, or you have your own ideas, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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