The rollcage is specially designed to fit within the roof to allow the fitment of a standard land rover windscreen,(making replacements easy),this also gives a low front hoop allowing the truck to squeeze under low branches,(with roof of) whilst giving the vehicle a clean and more civilized look with the roof on.
Fitted to the main hoop are the interior lights, and to the front hoop, the rear view mirror.
Side impact bars also run from the front hoop to behind the seats at floor level, with bracing bars up to the rear hoop, to give vertical support, and bracing bars to the chassis, giving lateral support, these also act as seat mountings.


Should the roll bar ever be damaged in any way I’ve opted for a bolt in type, which can be removed for repair or replacement, the back mounts bolt through the rear floor pan, and the front through the fabricated bulkhead.
Rollcages are made to MSA and ALRC specs, and can be made to other standards if required.
Rollcages and body protection bars have been fabricated for many other types of vehicle from expedition to forestery, please enquire if you have any unusual requirements.



roll cages