offroad vehicles made to order

Offering you a choice of a basic or a refined offroad landrover that's fun on the road


Internal roll cages allow the offroad landrover to be easily adaptable for trials,comps or road use.


These offroad vehicles have land rover type roofs and panels that are light and quickly removed to help make the most of whatever offroading you do.


Three different door options to adapt your offroad landrover to any off or on road requirments.


Three windscreen wipers and heated front screen gives you clear view when offroading or comping.


Bespoke ventilation with multi directional air flow will always keep your offroad land rover warm and your windscreen de-misted.

Your offroad land rover can have uprated and strengthened cvs, half shafts and diffs help take the punishment of offroad competitions.


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roll cages